250 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by BioAmmo Rex Lead – 1 ounce #7 shot




BioAmmo’s Rex Lead line of ammunition was designed by skeet shooter and Olympic medalist Jorge Guardiola. It is exceedingly good for pulverizing clays – but it’s just as good for the environment as well!


BioAmmo developed a special plant based biopolymer material. Both their hulls and their wads are made of this substitute for plastic, which is fully compostable and will completely degrade in about two years if left on the ground. You may prefer to pick up the spent hulls for faster composting back at home, but the brown-colored wads won’t stay around to pollute the environment as microorganisms gradually turn them into harmless carbon dioxide, salt and water.

BioAmmo is just as committed to helping you shoot a perfect round as they are preserving the environment. That’s why they load these 12 Gauge shotshells with premium #7 lead shot, non-corrosive primers and clean-burning powder. Their biopolymer wads are equipped with collapsing bases to take some of the kick out of recoil, as well as wide side vents that ensure clean separation from the shot column for a more efficient pattern


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