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The R7 MAKO (OR) is a remarkable pistol designed to push the boundaries of handgun performance. Crafted by R7 Arms, this firearm represents a pinnacle of innovation, offering versatility and accuracy to discerning shooters.

Chambered in popular calibers like 9mm and .45 ACP, the R7 MAKO (OR) delivers consistent reliability and impressive precision. Its polymer frame maintains a lightweight profile, making it ideal for concealed carry and personal defense while ensuring durability.

What sets it apart is its Optics Ready (OR) designation. It features a slide specially milled and designed to accommodate a variety of red dot optics, enhancing target acquisition and accuracy. Shooters can choose from a range of optics, tailoring the pistol to their specific needs.

The pistol grip, customizable backstraps, and responsive trigger make it comfortable and intuitive to shoot, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice. The clean break of the trigger and minimal recoil allows for rapid and accurate follow-up shots.

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